Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kendall's First Easter

Hope ya'll don't go into Bunny overload.....

Here is one pair of Easter PJ's that she wore this weekend,
she is showing off the bunny feet
This is the bunny dress that she wore Friday

This is the smile that lets her get away with ANYTHING, and always will

Bunny Tail

More Bunny PJ's, once again showing off the bunny feet

This is the outfit she wore after we took off her Easter dress

These are the eggs that Kendall dyed, she did a good job for her first time

Here is the Easter dress
(she already had on her church bib, so you can't her dress too good)

Here is the family after church
We had a good weekend, other than the fact that my blood pressure was REALLY high from Thursday until yesterday. I have had problems with it since I was pregnant, but I took some Claritin. For the record if you have high BP, don't mix with allergy meds. I am going back to the doctor next Friday to see where we go from here. I really thought I was dying on Saturday. Long story short, that is why I look really bad in the Easter picture.