Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Recap

May was a very busy month at our house....
May 5th - Kendall rolled over from her back to tummy for the first time, and hasn't really stopped rolling
May 7th Josh took her to the doctor because she sounded horrible. They said it was just a really bad cold. She weighed 16.5 that day.
May 10th was Mother's Day. It was a good day, but K started feeling worse, so that was no fun.
May 11th I took her back to the doctor, because she sounded & felt worse. She had a double ear infection and got her very first prescription. She weighed 16.1 that day.
May 13th I turned thirty, that is right 30!
May 17th was our 6th anniversary and Kendall was baptised that day.
May 22nd we headed to Gastonia for cousin Lauren's high school graduation and party.
May 24th was my friend Lauren's baby shower.
May 25th was Memorial Day so we dressed patriotic and had a cookout at Aunt Pam's.
Other things of note were Kendall LOVES peaches and HATES peas, sounds like her Mama! She adores the dogs, cackles, & has more fun at bath time than anyone I know.

During the Baptism

After she got the water. She did great!

Playing Peek-A-Boo with herself! I am SOOO glad I caught this, because Josh was at work.

There she is!

Sunday before Memorial Day, looking patriotic

This is just too cute !

Laughing at Daddy....

Yesterday morning before church

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playing catch up

Not to complain, but for the past several weeks I have been sick. The short version is strep throat, high blood pressure, and a tiny bit of a stomach bug. Needless to say I have not had time or really felt like blogging much. Yesterday was the best I have felt since really before Easter. I am hoping that all will be back to normal at The Westies.

Kendall has been doing all kinds of new things during her fourth month. She eats cereal out of a spoon like a big girl, has almost rolled from her back to tummy, and LOVES playing with toys. She has even mastered the art of pinching with her toes - She has gotten my Mama, me, and even Bogey. She has figured out that she has really gotten her Daddy right where she wants him. He adores her. I find it so sweet and adorable the bond that they have. It really it amazing how having your own child will completely change your life. The little things each day are amazing. I am working on uploading some pictures today, so maybe I will get a minute to post a few. Got to run for now, K is calling : )