Friday, July 3, 2009


It was brought to my attention earlier this week how I have neglected my blog, so for the ones that complain (I will not name names, you know who you are ) I have posted SEVERAL times today to catch up. Hope you all enjoy and will really try to do better, for real this time. I still have the love/hate relationship with Blogger because of the time it takes uploading pictures.

New bath seat

Kendall's love for bath time outgrew her baby tub in no time, so I found this bath seat that works amazing! She can kick, splash, and play like a champ now. If you have a little one that will not stay in the baby tub, The Westies highly recommend this.

I think she is part fish......

Kendall went for her first swim. We just thought she loved the bathtub, but she REALLY loved the pool!!!

First Vacation as a family of 3

The first of June we went to Boone & Blowing Rock North Carolina. My grandmother has a timeshare there and we have been going the same week each year since I was a little girl. This was the first of many years that I got to take my little girl. I have so many good memories of this place as a child and I hope that Kendall enjoys it as much as I do.

Josh bought Kendall a Barbie fishing rod, so we thought we would play around with it

We reeled it in.....

and she caught her first fish!

We went to the park in downtown Blowing Rock

We had lots of fun there!!

Then we went to The Blowing Rock

Kendall climbed her first tree with a little bit of help from Daddy