Monday, February 23, 2009

I spoke to soon...

Guess what we ran out of yesterday? You got it, Colief drops. I emailed the company back and told them that is was an EMERGENCY...I needed those I ordered ASAP. I heard back from them this morning and they are rushing them to me at NO additional charge. I guess they felt sorry for me in my email....whatever works to get them here faster. I know that you all think I should be smart enough to realize when the bottle is getting low, but they are in a bottle that looks like eyedrops that you can't see through and they never even slowed down like we were getting close to the end...even Josh was surprised when he broke the news to me that we were out. I have learned my lesson from now on, order multiple bottles and when the first one is empty, place another order.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh Colief....How I love thee!

The Colief drops that I ordered online from the United Kingdom for Kendall's colic came last Saturday, and I must say that we are very pleased. She still has some fussy times, don't get me wrong, but she seems to be much better. I think they have gotten into her system pretty good, because the past 3 nights were better. Today I ordered 2 more bottles because we are almost out. Please keep your fingers crossed everybody that she continues to feel better.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another WCD giveaway.

There's a great giveaway on Whitney Caroline Designs. You must check it out....Too cute!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time to do it again..

Well I made it the first week of being back at work and taking Kendall to daycare. As I was getting her things ready for tomorrow, I thought "time to do it again". I now have another new routine. I did much better this week than I thought and K did great. We are very pleased with her daycare. She was being spoiled every time we went to get her. The director told me on Thursday that "she LOVED my baby, but that she had one of the worst cases of colic she had ever seen". That made me feel good and bad~Good because she knew how to deal with it because she has been taking care of children for 20+ years and Bad because on the first day when we told her that K had colic she said not to worry that they used to have a set of twins that both had it really bad. She told me on Thursday that Kendall had the twins beat. I ordered some drops called Colief that came on Saturday. They seemed to have helped some, but it was only been a couple of days. I will fill you all in on if they are all that they are supposed to be. I am hoping that they are...

Monday, February 9, 2009

We made it!

Well somehow Kendall & I survived the first day at daycare. I think she had a much easier time than I did. Thanks again to everyone for thinking of us today, it really helped!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Move Me to the top....

We always joke at work about moving each other to the top of our prayer list from the bottom when we are having a bad day, but I really need you all to move me to the top of your lists tomorrow. I have to leave my sweet baby and I am about to have a mild coronary. It matters not to me that my emails and work on my desk has been building for 2 months, stress at work I can handle. My issue is leaving my baby, I knew this day would come and I tried to prepare myself....but I am not sure that you can prepare yourself for this. My ulcer is flared up, I have cried off and on all weekend, and I even feel like I could be sick at any given moment. So all jokes aside and without sounding selfish, please move me to the tops of your lists for tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

Today is Josh's 31st birthday! Kendall and I are wishing him the happiest birthday ever. We love you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Olan Mills Take 2...

Since we purchased the "Grow with Me" plan at out first photo shoot, we have decided to take Kendall every month during her first year. This not only will give us permanent memories of how she changes, but we will also get our moneys worth for buying the plan in the first place. Today we went for our second appointment. Lets just say that is was VERY eventful. The past few days or so K's colic has not just been at the ususal 9pm, it comes at random times during the day. I thought I was scheduling the shoot around her fussy time, but boy was I wrong. We didn't get to change into any of the other clothes I took - to be honest I should be glad that we even got any good ones at all. I must say that if she just wasn't so darn cute to begin with (I am biased), we really would be in trouble. Needless to say there were some good shots and we did buy some.

On a side note we went to Target before we went home, and guess what was on sale?GRIPE WATER. Ya'll know we bought some more, because we used all we had at Olan Mills.

Maybe month 3 will be better....